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Friday, March 17 – Sunday, April 2

water divinity game

Henri tauliaut

2022 / France

Chapelle de l’Ancien Hôpital Général, Rue Sainte-Rose, Clermont-Ferrand

Opening hours :
Tuesday to Saturday from 1pm to 7pm
Sunday from 2pm to 6pm

For group or school visits, please contact the VIDEOFORMES team by email ( with the subject “Group visit” or by telephone (+ 33(0)4 73 17 02 17) at least 48 hours in advance. Thank you for your understanding.

The work :

It is through the work Water Divinity Game, that I chose to introduce to the public, here and around the world, the beauty of our cultures and religions. These certainly originated in the Caribbean basin, but they are above all major parts of a spiritual and ancestral memory essential for the construction of our inward focusing future. This work materializes the hope that our cultures inspire us as well as others.

Water Divinity Game is an interactive and immersive video game and installation created between 2020 and 2022. The player is positioned on a slightly elevated platform where there is a joystick on a stand that allows him to move in the virtual space. The video game is projected on a giant screen facilitating the immersion of the player. In this way, I use the playful and dynamic approach, characteristic of video games, so that the spectators meet, through the adventures of the players, the Afro-Caribbean aquatic divinities, and in doing so, adopting a detached perspective, without fear or prejudice.

In this work, the players enter the heart of the Haitian pantheon and meet representations of Loas such as Papa Legba, Damballa, Aida Wedo, Simbi, and the Mermaid in the first level of the game. In the second level, which takes place underwater, players are led on a quest to discover the Vévé of secrets hiding in space. They find the ship Immamou, of the ocean god Agwe, to take them there.

Henri Tauliaut 2022

The artist :

For two decades, the artist-researcher has been interested in the relationship between art and science, focusing his research in two main areas: digital art and performance. He holds a doctorate with the title: biological and digital arts in relation to the living in contemporary artists of the Caribbean and of the American continent.

He exhibits and performs in the Caribbean, South and North America, France, England, Senegal, and China.
He participated in the 12th Havana Biennial with Jungle Sphere 3.0, and in the Digital exhibition in Jamaica 2016. In July 2018, he was selected for the Red Gate Residency in Beijing.
In 2019 and 2022, he presented the projects Bio-Art and ADN Caraibe in Martinique and Guadeloupe.
Between 2017 and 2022, he and the performer Annabel Guérédrat organized three editions of the International Performance Art Festival of Martinique, and presented video art at Documenta 15 in a selection of works by Alice Yard (Trinidad). Finally, he was invited to the International Meeting of Performance Mar de Islas in Puerto Rico in 2021.
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Credits :

Director: Henri Tauliaut
Associate Curator: Isabelle Arvers

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