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Collective Exhibition – From Friday, March 17 to Friday, March 31

City University of Hong Kong School of Creative Media

Hong Kong / 21'49
Galerie Dolet, Crous Clermont Auvergne, 25 rue Étienne Dolet, Clermont Ferrand

City University of Hong Kong’s School of Creative Media was founded to nurture a new generation of entrepreneurial interdisciplinary artists and creative media professionals, and to be a hub of innovation for the creative industries in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and abroad. Now, over two decades later it is recognized to be an international centre for discovery and innovation in Asia. Here creativity is nurtured as a cornerstone of art tech development for Hong Kong in the 21st Century. Within this hub of creativity, students attain the technical, artistic, and intellectual skills that enable them to take positions of leadership and innovation in a global society and economy.

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Teacher: Dr. Max Hattler

Through a series of screenings, workshops and lectures, this course introduces students to historical and contemporary approaches in abstract and experimental animation. A central premise of the course is that sound and music are key components of the moving image. Students will explore the concept of visual music, how rhythm, timing and counterpoint can structure or disrupt our reading of abstract motion. Another focal point is on the nexus between narrative and non-narrative modes of experimental animation, and how meanings can be negotiated through abstraction. In-class exercises and assigned projects will expose students to a range of tools and techniques which will enable them to design and produce abstract and experimental moving image works, as a form of artistic expression and as a conceptual tool for time-based media and beyond.
The 1 Minute Films 2022 and Abstract-Experimental Films 2022 (2 selection) documented the different districts of the Hong Kong neighborhood, by recording the texture, materials, shapes, colours, etc. to discover the beauty of Hong Kong’s neighborhood and architecture.


1. "1 Minute Films 2022"

City Diving | Kwok Pui Ying, Li Xinyi, Yau Mandy | 2022 | 1’

Traversing through the neighborhood, Old Town Central, in Hong Kong, we set out with no clear destinations. Instead, we dive into the neighborhood in itself, looking closely from the grounds up to the walls; from lines to shapes, whilst appreciating the varying textures that make up the foundation of the neighborhood. Strolling from and to different streets, we not only see the simple and mundane but also the colorful corners of Central.

Colours | Lu Yujie, Ma Jie, Mok Yuk Kuen | 2022 | 1’

Colours explore the bright and vibrant colors in the Central neighborhood. A glimpse of tension was found between the concrete and lines.

Dancing Walls | Tiantian Su, Ningxin Wang, Jun Wu | 2022 | 1’

This one-minute film mainly uses the principle of stop motion, and is based on the photographs taken by us. We took the walls in Yau Ma Tei as the theme of our film, and used a bright color to display the view of this neighborhood. Audience could go through Yau Ma Tei and experience the unique features of the building here by following our film.

Doors – Central | Li Chin Wai, Luk Kwun Yiu, Tam Wai Yuk | 2022 | 1’

Doors are essential in our everyday lives. They physically represent how humans treasure distance and privacy, at the same time, also symbolizes opportunities. In this animation film we aim to explore doors from different parts of Central, how they are similar yet different in their shape, form, history, and purposes.

Fab-rics | Chai Jing Hoong (Shine), Lam Chun Kit, Limbu Bijaya Kumar | 2022 | 1’

Fab-rics is a stop motion animation film created using fabric patterns collected from Sham Shui Po District in Hong Kong. With lots of vibrant colors and different shape patterns, Fab-rics delivers the audience a visually pleasing experience by changing the fabric’s pattern according to the soundtrack created.

Falling Fading | Chan Hattie, Lau Tatia Pui Wan, NG Chit | 2022 | 1’

Falling/Fading is a photography-based abstract animation filmed in the Yau Ma Tei neighborhood in Hong Kong. The animation recorded the different concrete texture on the wall of several Yau Ma Tei bridges interacting with different light and shadow. The Chinese landscape painting collected from Yau Mei Tei have been also collected to create the similarity with the texture of the concrete wall. Falling/Fading also try to create a vintage atmosphere of Hong Kong by showing the Hong Kong bridges under sun-scorched and rain-drenched, including the rust stain and the layers of paints.

Friction | Queriones Chelsea Nicole Osido, Liere Benita Leonie, Yoon Esther Daye | 2022 | 1’

Friction is a film that lets viewers imagine how touching the surfaces of what can be seen in it might feel like. Showing different degrees of roughness and fragility – both man-made and natural – it aims to reveal the contrasting elements that were photographed, supported by its experimental ASMR-style sound.

Fruit Market | Chan Pui Sze, Cheng Hiu Tung, Tsang Hin Ling | 2022 | 1’

A collage of fragments which are all collected in Yau Ma Tei neighborhood tells the story of the daily routine of the Fruit Market, are presented by focusing on one kind of animation techniques only which is the stop motion animation, and depicts the vitality and dynamics of the district.

Glimpse | Leung Cyrus, Ty Lok Yi Scarlett, Kwan Sin Ching Angel | 2022 | 1’

With the abundance of antiques and culture in Jordan, you can only see so much of the essence of traditional craftsmanship in a blink of an eye. This film showcases the beauty of old Hong Kong, all in a glimpse of textiles, flasks, paintings and statuettes.

Meshed | Tsz-wing Ho, Long-man Luk, Tsz-wai Pun | 2022 | 1’

Meshed plays with layers of concrete textures, exposing meshes of geometric transformation. Composed of photographic stop motion sequences captured at West Kowloon Cultural District in Hong Kong, this film focuses on the surfaces of architectural buildings. Through this intimate account, the work fundamentally questions the underpinnings of our physical world.


Rush!! | Mou Peijing, Huang Siyi, Lai Hiu Ching | 2022 | 1’

Using photography-based replacement, the young Chinese directors depict the busy but vivid atmosphere in Central Hong Kong. It is known as a prosperous business district. Meanwhile, it is also an artistic place full of graffiti and colorful walls. People rush every day here, yet don’t forget to slow down and take a look at this pretty place!

Sham Shui Bou 6 | Chun Ka Lun Alan, Li Lok Yan Cola | 2022 | 1’

Sham Shui Bou6 animated hundreds of images of fabric that can be found in the Sham Shui Po neighbourhood in Hong Kong. The combination of different patterns from the fabrics created various visuals. The soundtrack changes as the different patterns appear on the screen.

Sham Shui Po Rust and Colors | Beta Hsu Yun Chu, Sofya Antonova, Thore Flynn Hadre | 2022 | 1’

The textures of the city differ over time. Mottled plastering, intertwined pipes, and playful pastel-colored walls shine under the sun. As the night falls, subtle hues from the window and the dazzling flashlights decorate the obscure sky. Bustling with mixed language chatter or mysterious humming, it is such unadorned beauty behind the rust and dust that best describe the old local style of living in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong.

TAIKWUN | Chang Tong, Zhang Xiaoyu, Shan Shuyao | 2022 | 1’

This Experimental Film transforms the wall-painted visual elements filmed in the Tai Kwun in Central neighborhood in Hong Kong into a retro-style animation that takes one into the richness of history made up of special textures.

Tipsy Twinkle | Yin Hairong, Zhang Jianing, Deng Yuanyuan | 2022 | 1’

The film was shot in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong, and the theme is to depict the Sham Shui Po scene in front of you when you’re intoxicated from a first-person perspective. The sound design incorporates certain everyday noises, such as the sound of running water depicting the fish store in the market and the sound of a coffee pot portraying the Sham Shui Po district. The vibrant lights communicate the distinct urban ambiance of Sham Shui Po as well as the vibrant people that strive to live here.

Urban Drift| Cho Junien, Li Qingmei Melody, Mak Yung Ka Valerie | 2022 | 1’

Urban Drift is an artistic attempt to reexamine the materiality of time passages in the Sham Shui Po neighborhood in Hong Kong. Through dynamic observations of shifting textures in various neglected corners of the most diverse yet chaotic district of Hong Kong, the film embodies the hidden vitality of urban relics.

Yau Ma Day | Wong Wing Yee, NG Sin Wai Javis | 2022 | 1’

Yau Ma Day is a day tour in Yau Ma Tei. It is a stop motion journey about the circle. It includes the famous buildings or street in Yau Ma Tei.

2. "Abstract-Experimental"

Crossing | Chang Tong, Zhang Xiaoyu, Shan Shuyao | 2022 | 3’17

This Experimental Film showcases the visual fusion of the modern and the former Fringe, taking a journey through time and space from the colorful modern to the last century.

Eternal Casket | Beta Hsu Yun Chu, Sofya Antonova, Thore Flynn Hadre | 2022 | 3’24

Romantic neon light, colourful billboards, and gleaming blurry images dazzle the pilgrims to the shrine. Engraved with its name, the city illuminates the night with the vial of its precious blood. Eternal casket preserves how these mysterious streetlights add a gorgeous midst to the fantasy world.

Mahjong Mart | Chan Pui Sze, Cheng Hiu Tung, Tsang Hin Ling | 2022 | 3’31

Inspired by the word of “Ma” from “Yau Ma Tei”, we present our sights of Yau Ma Tei with the theme of Mahjong by connecting two “Ma” together with the good vibes of juke box and Fruit Market elements in Yau Ma Tei.

Mirage | Leung Cyrus, Ty Lok Yi Scarlett, Kwan Sin Ching Angel | 2022 | 3’42

By merging mirror space and the densely packed skyscrapers of Central, this film captures a surreal perspective of the business centre of Hong Kong. Looking through the reflections of glass and mirror, while both presented in a faintly discernible and fragmented way, the archetype of a bustling business district is present, yet the quiet of the night takes over every cycle.

OoOo | Chun Ka Lun Alan, Lai Hiu Ching Nicole, Li Lok Yan Cola | 2022 | 3’

Hong Kong people usually go to Sham Shui Po for cheap shopping. However, besides shopping, Sham Shui Po has a lot of street-vendors, Chinese tenement buildings and traditional signboards. The film provides a trip that is surrounded by many old buildings, to explore this historical area.

Unreal Central | Cho Junien, Li Qingmei Melody, Mak Yung Ka Valerie | 2022 | 3’15

Unreal Central is a journey of navigating through realities and reflections in the Old Town Central area in Hong Kong. A condensed universe juxtaposing nature and concrete is presented in an endless tunnel to draw attention to indirect visual encounters among cosmopolitan surfaces that rush into one’s senses all at once.

Wave | Mou Peijing, Huang Siyi | 2022 | 2’05

Wave portrays the changing view in West Kowloon Park from dusk to night. Using photo cutouts and video sequences as main materials, the film tries to show people’s joyful and leisurely time in the West Kowloon neighborhood in an abstract and playful way.

Window Shopping | Kwok Pui Ying, Li Xinyi, Yau Mandy | 2022 | 3’24

The pandemic has caused various shops to be closed for an extended period of time, which leads to the street looking lifeless and empty. A realization of how much we’ve taken for granted for the little shops all across the neighborhood. Walking through the neighborhood of Old Town Central in Hong Kong, some shops were opened while many remained closed. Taking this opportunity, we explored the shops and streets to see what goods we could find within the neighborhood. We drew out our imaginations, using all kinds of shapes and colors to create our ideal shopping experience through our ‘window’.

Yau Ma Night | Ng Sin Wai Javis, Wong Wing Yee | 2022 | 2’10

Yau Ma Night is about a night tour in Wholesale Fruit Market. As the wholesale activities start, fruit boxes occupy the street, and workers begin to transport them. However, some fruits are escaping the boxes and trying to explore the Fruit Market.

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