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Thursday, March 16 – Wednesday, March 22

Young video installations

Artistic and cultural education project


Opening hours :
Tuesday to Saturday from 1pm to 7pm
Sunday from 2pm to 6pm

Opening of the exhibition: Thursday, March 16 at 3pm

Since 2010, VIDEOFORMES offers secondary schools in the Clermont-Ferrand Academy the opportunity to host an artist with the intention of designing, producing and exhibiting a video installation. The action results in a collective exhibition and its opening in the VIDEOFORMES Youth Festival.

This project is part of an approach to education in image and video art that is referenced in the National Education curricula (particularly in fine arts). It is supported by DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Délégation académique à l’action culturelle of the Rectorat de Clermont-Ferrand and Atelier CANOPE 63 of the Académie de Clermont-Ferrand. This year, 7 establishments and artists participate:

• Collège Saint-Joseph (Aubière, 63) with Geoffrey Veyrines
• LGT PR Godefroy de Bouillon (Clermont-Ferrand, 63) with Emmy Ols
• Collège des Chenevières (Jaligny-sur-Besbre, 03) with Léa Bouttiet
• CLG Lucien Colon (Lapalisse, 03) with Marie Rousseau
• L.E.A De Lattre de Tassigny (Romagnat, 63) with Léa Enjalbert
• CLG François Villion (Yzeure, 03) with Nino Spanu
• Centre Camille Claudel (Clermont-Ferrand, 63) with Jérémy Tate

Installations Jeune Vidéo & Concours “1 Minute”, with the support of DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Académie de Clermont-Ferrand (DAAC) and Atelier Canopé 63.

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