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Collective Exhibition – From Friday, March 17 to Friday, March 31

L'Ecole des Arts de la Sorbonne, Université Paris 1

France / 6'24
Galerie Dolet, Crous Clermont Auvergne, 25 rue Étienne Dolet, Clermont Ferrand

The École des Arts de la Sorbonne (EAS), at the University of Paris 1, teaches art, via its most contemporary issues, through practice, analysis of works, and their mediation. It brings together various disciplines: Visual Arts, Cinema and Audiovisual, Aesthetics and Art Sciences, Design, Media, Cultural Professions, as well as a course in teaching in schools (PPPE) and preparation for teaching degree competitive exams…
Founded in 1969 on a multidisciplinary project that opens up practices, (…) the first and main university structure of this type in France, (…) the EAS welcomes nearly 3000 students.

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Presentation of the workshops:
Professor : Anne-Sarah Le Meur

First-year workshop “Experimenting with digital painting”.

The second-year workshop “Personal Creation” leads students to create, like artists, alone in their studio and freely choosing their theme, technique, style, medium, format, etc. The semester emphasizes experimentation and the ability to explore forms, materials, and practices. Students produce at home and then present their approach during the course. The aim is to learn to see what has surfaced, and to talk about it in order to identify its uniqueness and underlying issues.

The L3 workshop “Arts, Images, New Media: Body and/or Machine” offers students the opportunity to experiment and create with “new media”, both during and outside of class, within a very broad theme that brings together and confronts “something” about the body and “something” about machines. At the same time, they are shown various works by prominent or lesser-known artists, depending on the works that emerge.


Morpho | Liyah Pousse-Wang | 2022 | 3’

Technique: charcoal drawing and India ink on several sheets of paper, then computer animation. Soundtrack produced by the student.
My practice has developed around the materiality and immersion of the work, playing with the combination of traditional, sound, and digital illustration techniques.
I apply these materials to my interest in living and non-living organisms, where a strangeness and a subtlety emerge in their movement.

Rouge | Aref Joftkar| 2022 | 1’03

The sequences were filmed in the domestic space, the editing was done with an inlay of photographs found online.
The soundtrack is an adaptation of “Bewitching woman soprano & piano-a majestic world
(912950)” by Chroma.
Red ink in water, red ink in milk, and memories or visions in the recesses of the reflections. A soundtrack combining sweetness, sparkle, and enigma, all filmed in an inverted aquarium.

Human Factory | Aref Joftkar| 2022 | 1’56

Babies, or embryo-dolls, or remains (?), walk down the carpet, then are packed, each in its container. Low light, dark and soft atmosphere. Where are they going? Who is making the decisions? According to what criteria?
Soundtrack: adaptation of Chopin’s “Marche Funèbre”.

Bonhomme courant | Manon List, Clémentine Carrasqueira | 2022 | 12’’

A stylized man jumps, runs and quasi dances, while being permeated by the colors of the surrounding space. He flies away and disappears into the sea.

Rêverie Printanière | Justine Qu, Ashwinidevi Tirouvengadame | 2022 | 12’’

As a foreground composed of horizontal and opaque crimson slats opens up, strange parma-gray clouds glide in the background, on a fixed green and black checkerboard. In the background, a plant grows in aristocratic volutes.

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