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Friday, March 17 – Sunday, April 2

Ephemeral Angels

Mariana carranza

2016 / Uruguay – Germany

Chapelle de Beaurepaire, 45 Rue Eugène Gilbert, Clermont-Ferrand

Opening hours :
Tuesday to Saturday from 1pm to 7pm
Sunday from 2pm to 6pm

For group or school visits, please contact the VIDEOFORMES team by email ( with the subject “Group visit” or by telephone (+ 33(0)4 73 17 02 17) at least 48 hours in advance. Thank you for your understanding.

The work :

“… mimicking birds, Humans become angels … “

Ephemeral angels is an interactive installation based on a digital interface.
 Visitors see themselves, like being reflected in a mirror with wings of white plumage inside a magical mirage.
Interactively generated sound aims to blur the boundaries between virtual and real.

This work not only refers to philosophical creatures, but also to the beginnings of Aviation Science, following biomimicry concepts from the first attempts of flight in human history, such as those of Leonardo da Vinci and Otto Lilienthal.
The wings and feathers were taken from Otto Lilienthal’s studies, collected in his publication “The bird flight as basis of the art of flying“ from 1889.

He wrote there, “I intended to […] create a work whose elaboration should spread the conviction, that there really is no law in nature that, like an insurmountable bolt, encloses the solution to the problem of flying.”

Some users experiences:

“This work creates a space of pre-lingual and ancestral happiness…”

“This poetic work evokes the tale about imaginary beings “Swedenborg’s Angels” by Jorge Luis Borges, with whom the artist shares her native language. In it, the scientist Emanuel Swedenborg attributed subtle qualities, justice and intelligence to angels. Swedenborg’s angels are those souls who have chosen heaven. Two humans, who have loved each other on earth, form one angel in heaven. Their manifestation changes with their moods, and their robes shine according to the intelligence of the beholder.“

“… most of us are ephemeral angels on Earth … we just have not realized it.“

The artist :

Mariana Carranza (Uruguay / Germany)

Video- and Digital-Art, Interactive Interfaces, Installations, Performances.

Artist with a multidisciplinary background. Promoted by scholarships in Latin America, USA, Spain and Germany.
Since 1988 experimenting with new technologies, video production, digital media, algorithms and creative programming.

Born and raised in Uruguay, Mariana Carranza lived in Spain, since 1995 based in Germany.

Her work focuses on the creation of interactive spaces, developing interfaces between bodies, movement, image and sound; combining arts and technology; researching shifting paradigms of embodiment.

Co-founder of interdisciplinary collectives in Munich. Promoted art projects at Medialab Prado, Madrid. Member of the Curatorial Project Group for Strategic Development, Coburg.
Lectures and collaborations at Universities in Brazil and Uruguay and at Art-Schools in Sweden, France and Germany. Solo and group exhibitions in America and Europe on a regular basis. For her activities, she has received international recognition and awards.

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Credits :

Ephemeral Angels by Mariana Carranza

Interactive site-installation:
Digital interface developed for this project.
Computer, sensor, projector, speakers.

Images by Mariana Carranza, Electricity 2021, Detroit

Artist portrait :

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