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VidEoformes 2023

38th International Festival of Hybrid and Digital Arts

Festival ::: March 16 > April 2


The 2023 Poster

“The image depicts a moment of transformation: organic and digital textures sprout from the skin, seemingly opening the body’s borders to other possibilities of existence. It evokes the idea that our body is intertwined between nature and culture, between artisanal practises and other digital ones, rather than being a fixed and unchanging object. It’s a poetic attempt to evoke the desire to weave our bodies’ affective and erotic freedom.”

Úrsula San Cristóbal


Mars 1963

March 1963, art historians identified 13 prepared televisions (thank you John Cage!) of the Exhibition of Music – Electronic Television of Nam June Paik in Wuppertal (West Germany) – as the founding act of video art.
March 2023, 60 years later, we measure the alternative paths opened by this movement that recognized the different emerging and innovative forms of the post-war period: events, participative happenings, performances, installations (once called video sculptures), artists’ videos, recordings, and societal and political commitments…
This (r)evolution, in the forms as well as in the subjects and themes addressed, has subsequently undergone rhizomatic developments. Artists’ CDs (that’s right!), computer art, net art, and today’s NFTs, immersive, interactive, generative, “live”, virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) works are all creations to which AIs (artificial intelligences) have come to give a decisive boost and open up new opportunities.
All forms of “classic” art have been impacted by these scientific and technological advances to the point that they bring together these two fields of research – art and science – and give rise today to a growing body of hybrid works that VIDEOFORMES 2023 is reflecting.
VIDEOFORMES observes, produces, and accompanies these forms and maintains this particular link through its different events. This 38th edition invites you to explore the multiple transformations of video games, to address environmental issues, the perception and representation of the body, landscape, color, and different cultural aesthetics.


Teaser Videoformes 2023

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