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Saturday, March 18 – Doors open at 8pm



+ DZRDR (Live) & Live video mix (Vjing workshop of the University Culture Service) + Projections

2022 / Belgium – Spain

Le Fotomat, 65 Bd Cote Blatin, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand

Price: €6

The performance :

Rafael will give a live-cinema performance, a kind of sound and image manipulation that is done in real time, based on his recent audiovisual triptych “UNTITLED“.

The first part deals with the theme of historiographic manipulations, the consequences of different geostrategic issues of the moment, based on the immateriality of a forgotten queen, whose portraits have all been erased.
The second opus deals with illness and isolation, and the illness of loneliness.
Finally, the third one is based on a very old Korean folk tale, but adapted to our contemporaneity.

The performance will therefore be mainly based on sounds and images, improvised and manipulated live, but with the intention of underlining the perhaps least explored aspect of audio-visual symbiosis: its suggestive AND narrative power.

The artists :


Rafaël is one of Europe’s most highly regarded visual artists.
He has performed in festivals, museums and cultural institutions throughout Europe, America and Asia. His work can best be describe as Live Cinema– a confluence of video, conceptual art and experimental music, all composed and interpreted before live audiences. Experimental live music, scratch, appliances, sounds de-constructions, noise & effects….”
Article from La Vanguardia newspaper 2011

“In our view Rafael is one of the European stars of narrative performance,always witty, challenging, sensitive and engaging in a way unlike anyone else we’ve ever come across. 
What more can we say apart make sure you see this.”
Nlab @ Tate Britain 2008 


Dzrdr” was born in 2017, in a moment of fatigue, when an irresistible need to dance as if to save one’s life arises.
If the project could speak, it would tell us stories of dark and hot clubs where people dance and let go to a healthy and invigorating wildness!
The basses are chosen, the kicks are surgical, nothing is left to chance, to affirm a universe where violence is queen on the dance floor, and not in front of the club!
With a sound heavily influenced by UK’s electronic music heritage, dzrdr seamlessly blends intricate beats and driving basslines to create a unique and powerful sound. Not just a talented musician, dzrdr also showcases his creativity through his conceptual music videos.

Credits :


Concept, direction and production: Rafael
Performer: Rafael
Premiere date and location: Seoul Art Cinema, Korea, July 2022

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