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Friday, March 17 – Thursday, March 30

You said Love is Eternity

Agnès Guillaume

2015 / Belgium

Thursday 16 March: from 5pm to 7pm
From 17 to 30 March: Tuesday to Friday from 12pm to 6pm

>> Entrance is via Les Grandes Tables or via the La Comédie ticket office.

For group or school visits, please contact the VIDEOFORMES team by email ( with the subject “Group visit” or by telephone (+ 33(0)4 73 17 02 17) at least 48 hours in advance. Thank you for your understanding.

The work :

Metaphysically speaking, love, the perfect form of fusion between beings, draws upon the ideal of a stable world, immutable and eternal. But the reality, as Agnès Guillaume’s video suggests, is undoubtedly quite different. Can love last?
Middle screen: the hands of a man and a woman hold each other, play with each other, caress each other, the fingers interweave.
Left screen: the palms of the man’s hands support a spherical shape made of labradorite, which beyond the symbolism inherent to any stone can be taken to stand for morphological perfection.
Right screen: the woman’s hands remove the layers of a red onion, one after the other, in a readable metaphor of love succeeding love succeeding love and so on, according to the waltz of our feelings, desires, inclinations, whims, and contrary to any ideal.
Paul Ardenne 2020

“I am an onion, peel me. If I’m one more or one less, I do not care.” Ugo Ball, Memoirs

The artist :

Agnès Guillaume is a Belgian artist. She lives and works between Brussels and Paris.
Agnès Guillaume’s videos seem at first glance figurative and realistic, but little by little we realize that the people and places, whose interactions she precisely designs, plunge us into an inner world made up of emotions, sensations and questions.
In her videos, often composed for several screens, she combines the precision of the framing with the rhythm of the editing and the pictorial use of color.
The soundtracks, which she designs and oversees herself, enhance the inner experience.

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Credits :

Agnès Guillaume (FRA)

You said Love is Eternity (2015): Video for three colour screens, full HD, 9’59”. Team: Guillaume Faure, Guillaume Mazloum

In complicity with La Comédie de Clermont-Ferrand.


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