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This edition is realised with the special involvement of the builders’ team and the VIDEOFORMES 2023 volunteer mediators.

The 2023 team :

(in alphabetical order)

Eric André-Freydefont

Programming - Publishing - Production

Elise Aspord

Mediator of professional meetings

Fanny Bauguil

Relay teacher for young audiences

Camille Barbot

Reception - Administration

Loane Bouillet

cultural mediation - meetings

Ulysse Crozat

Video editing - Cultural Mediation

Roxane Delage

Programming - Video competition - VR - Web

Enzo Graffion

Cultural mediation - Meetings

Florent Labarre

Public Relations - Press - Volunteers

Celestin Lafay

web communication - cultural mediation

Nicolas Perdrieau

General Manager

Gabriel Soucheyre

Director >