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Collective Exhibition – From Friday, March 17 to Friday, March 31

Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts - Trans-media Art School

China / 23'00
Galerie Dolet, Crous Clermont Auvergne, 25 rue Étienne Dolet, Clermont Ferrand

Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts is the only independent institution of higher fine arts in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. It has always adhered to the basic position of undergraduate teaching and talent training, and formed a distinctive talent training model and teaching tradition.

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About the School of Trans-media Art:
Person in charge: Feng Fen

The School of Trans-media Art is a college for the development of future art. In 2018, it was formed by the integration of the Department of Experimental Art, the major of Drama and Film Art, and the major of Photography and Digital Art. Adhering to the
philosophy of “based on the present, experiment and innovation, integration of public knowledge and application of cutting-edge technology”, the School aims to cultivate “director” high-level artistic talents and cultural creative talents in the field of art.


Next Page | Zhou Qi,Liu Shu| 2022 | 5’43

The film is a live stop-motion animation creative short film. It tells the story of the hero and heroine who want to meet each other under the COVID-19 epidemic and start an adventure about epidemics prevention. Finally, under the unremitting efforts of both sides, they
can meet and embrace each other.
This work reflects our life in the past one or two years under the shadow of the epidemic, and expresses the problem of social distance under the epidemics. In the image, the artistic
expression of “surrealism” and the image style of stop-motion animation are used to increase the interest and appeal of the short film, so that the audience can be better immersed in the story.

Lost | Zengxianxue | 2022 | 2’29

Lost is a three-screen experimental animation device. The work focuses on the status quo of the
network virtual life mode, taking the youth, the middle-aged and the old as three narrative structures, and transforming the characteristics of the network life of these three groups into virtual scenes in space and time. It tells the story of how people gradually lose themselves in the mobile phone.

Line | Meiqi He, Luowei Zhu | 2022 | 6’18

The work focuses on the social relationships in different stages of life. It is divided into four acts
according to kinship, friendship, colleague relationship and love. The two main creators’ understanding of the four most important interpersonal relationships in life is transformed into visual performances and audio-visual images.

June | Liu Hao | 2022 | 8’30

This film is a plot animated short film that tells the story of self-growth. It tells the story of “I” who is anxious about graduation, and meets another fantasy powerful self in the heart flowing world, and chats with her on a train. At the end of the memory, “I” finally summon up the courage to face the reality, and says goodbye to self in the past and moves towards a new life. The purpose of the work is to understand myself better through this work, and always remind myself to face difficulties by talking to myself, not to escape, and always look forward to a new life.

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