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Collective Exhibition – From Friday, March 17 to Friday, March 31

École Nationale Supérieure d’Art et de Design de Nancy

France / 14'32
Galerie Dolet, Crous Clermont Auvergne, 25 rue Étienne Dolet, Clermont Ferrand

Founded in 1708 by the Dukes of Lorraine and heir to the famous École de Nancy, the ENSAD Nancy – École nationale supérieure d’art et de design – is a higher education institution of the Ministry of Culture.
The school prepares students for six national diplomas: the DNA (Diplôme national d’art) and the DNSEP (Diplôme national supérieur d’expression plastique) in art, communication and design. It also offers two post-master’s degree programs. Located since 2016 on the Artem Campus, the ENSAD Nancy is one of the founding schools of the Artem Alliance (ARt, TEchnology and Management).

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About the video workshop:
Co-responsible : Vincent Vicario

The productions presented are made in the video workshop (Vincent Vicario, co-manager), a place of practice and experimentation of the moving image. Open to all ages and all options, it is a place of a great diversity of work.


Cascade | Océane Muller | 2022 | 5’16

Cascade highlights the creation of an unofficial animated video clip accompanying the music Grow from the album HANA by the artist Cifika. The graphic style of the clip is based on the invention of a world evoking an ecology of living forms, both animal and vegetable. The creation of a fictional world allows me to develop ornamental qualities sought after in drawings. Through its technique, animation reminds me of shadow theater but this time digitally, around the principle of multiplications and repetitions of forms.

Liminære | Thibault Ging | 2022 | 1’43

This animation is the result of formal research into liminal spaces; these disembodied, strangely disquieting places that can make one feel a certain unsettling nostalgia.

Spotnok’s Motel | Mathieu Dubo, Anes Dhif et Tom Deplagne | 2022 | 4’08

Spotnok’s Motel is the result of a 4-day workshop conducted by Alexandra Karelina in November 2022 at ENSAD Nancy, with the title “The experimental approach to still image film”. The writing, shooting, analogue processing, editing, and sound design were carried out only during this time. The film depicts a fictional narrative articulated around an experimental and offbeat image/sound relationship.

Vénus Victrix | Lorraine Belet | 2022 | 3’25

From complexion to incarnation. Venus Victrix is a video showing the autobiography in nine scenes of a woman who no longer wishes to content herself with her physical appearance to become famous. It offers a glimpse of the possible parasocial relationships in the era of increasing technical progress.

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